Insalata Caprese
Fresh mozzarella cheese with tomato slices, lightly seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, accompanied with


Antipasto Italiano
Marniated artichokes, peppadew, stuffed with goat cheese and cream cheese, eggplant, soppressata, prosciutto crudo, assorted cheeses. Accompanied with roasted garlic and crostini.

Baked brie topped with toasted almonds and stuffed with strawberries, fruit, and crostini.

Juliet's Peppers Piccanti
Italian hot peppers stuffed with cheese, red peppers, spinach & breadcrumbs, and baked to perfection. Accompanied with crostini.

Tuna Crostini
Albacore tuna, capers, sundried tomato. lemon and olive oil topped with toasted almonds on crostini.

Bruschetta di Filippo
Marinated sweet peppers, eggplant, onion, sun dried tomatoes, basil and shaved asiago on Ciabatta.


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